Stop addressing Fulanis as Armed robbers, Terrorists----Nomadic Right Concern

Stop addressing Fulanis as Armed robbers, Terrorists----Nomadic Right Concern


By  Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna.

The National Chairman of Nomadic Right concern, Professor Umar Labdo, has called on  Nigerians and the entire world  to stop addressing Fulani tribals groups  as Armed robbers, terrorists in the country.

Addressing press conference in kaduna while launching the organization, "it is high time that Nigerians should know that in every tribe and every Society bad eggs exit,so  there is  need to address the this notion on stereotyping  of Fulani organization as Armed robbers and  Terrorists .

Represented by Dr Ahmed Gumi said "it was established to address the gap between herdsmen and the larger Society, looking at the not too recent spate of Insecurity and ethnic clashes involving the pastoral nomads the issue that stands out glaringly is the pastoralists are both victims and villains largely because their voices are muffled by an unimaginable level of illiteracy and of know- how.

Dr Gumi said "this organization will often their right which are trampled upon or denied, leading to many instances avoidable violence,it  is that "Violence is the language of the unheard "therefore the necessary to establish a non governmental  and apolitical organization that is dedicated to peace and harmonious coexistence between various groups and ethnicities especially herders and farmers.

"The organization has as it's primary objective the protection of the rights of nomadic  pastoralists in Nigeria and beyond, using legal and Constitutional means to achieve that.

"Nomadic Right concern will seek cooperation and a good working relationship with all  Fulani organization to ensure unity and understanding among all.

"This  organization is not for Fulani alone,  not for Fulani  alone, it is for all nomads and pastoralists irrespective of their enthnicity region or religion. 

The nomadic right concern will help nomads to adopt and develop modern scientific livestock breeding and rearing methods,it will work towards the overall development  of the sector in a holistic approach. Educating nomads and their children and encouraging them to participate in Society enjoy their discharge their Civic responsibilities.

"As an civil  right concern organization  we will work with relevant government agencies ,such National   Education Nomadic  Commission,and all other nomadic -oriented NGO's to help them deliver their mandates and secure the understanding and cooperation of the herders. and also cooperate with all human rights concern individuals and groups.