Youths Needs CSOs Engagement For The Development

Youths Needs CSOs Engagement For  The Development

By Auwal Gombe.

Civil society organizations and social movements should do more to deliberately recruit young people.

 This starts by including and prioritizing young people’s goals and aspirations, and by offering to walk with youth as they engage in political advocacy rather than imposing a predetermined structure or set of priorities.

This is not to be mistaken as charity Extensive youth participation substantially increases the likelihood of campaign success so civil society organizations are powerfully incentivized to do a better job engaging youth and build their capacity as well as rewarding them for embracing the risks inherent to nonviolent activism in repressive contexts.

Youth political engagements can prepare young people to make the transition from grassroots activism to political leadership.

Trainings in public speaking and campaign management should be more prevalent and should be incorporated in the early stages of activism to develop skills that will bear fruit later on. 

This is especially important for young women, who are less likely to be included in such opportunities compared to their male counterparts. 

There is need to thrash the issue of female inclusivity in government matters, so as to make policies that address the female issue, we want women holding key political positions, to gain equal representation and participation. 

Ultimately, both research and expert analysis agree that youth activism is a critical ingredient for successful nonviolent activism.

Young people have been at the heart of many of the world’s most impactful nonviolent campaigns, and the trend shows no signs of stopping  and we are all the better for it.