How to apply suitable job in UK

How to apply suitable job in UK

Please indicate by what legal right you are applying for the position.  

Education Details Institution of Higher Education, Degree Title, Type and length of course of study, Certificate and License Number, Year of study etc. and place of educational experience. . Other Details Job title, Year of start Employer or Employer's name, Place of work, Company or Organization and State/Region. Other details if applicable.

We thank you for your application.

 The application package will be returned to you within 14-20 working days. Resume / CV We ask that all applicants write a cover letter and/or resume in English, in which they shall describe your qualifications and experience. Please write clearly and legibly. A sample resume can be found on the website.

 Applications will not be considered if they are illegible (e.g. photocopied), undecipherable (e.g. illegible handwriting / writing in another language), ungrammatical, incomplete or in any way unacceptable.

All applicants will receive a separate consideration for their application package if written samples are not included. Please state in the cover letter which position(s) and/or position area that the applicant proposes to start working in and the date(s) the applicant will start working.

A sample cover letter can be found below: To apply for the following vacancies please apply online (via the online application system) by completing the online application form provided below. Employment Application Form H-1B or H-1B1 Visa Waiver We do not offer a visa waiver for the H-1B visa category. To apply for the H-1B1 Visa category, you must complete the online submission form.